New Generation of Karoo Adventure Camper Launched

Press Release, Release Date February 23, 2024

The popularity of camping is on the rise – and so is the demand for care-free and easy leisure trailers. The Karoo Adventure combines compact size with full-fledged outdoor living capabilities.

Lightweight Camping Trailer Full of Possibilities

“The signals indicate that consumers increasingly value simplicity and flexibility in their leisure purchasing decisions. At the same time, the caravan market has seen a need for new developments as electric cars have evolved. Karoo has the potential to create a new category in the market, which will see the greatest relative growth within the industry in the future as the popularity of camping and nature steadily grows,” says Pyry Huhtala, CEO of Karoo Oy.

Huhtala and his team have designed the Karoo Adventure, a new type of camping trailer that is exceptionally lightweight compared to traditional motorhomes and trailers: only 750 kg. Thanks to its modularity, it can adapt to various needs: adventurers can adapt the trailer’s facilities for sleeping, cooking, and relaxing according to the requirements of their journey. With its transport and storage capacity, the Karoo Adventure serves as a fully equipped base for hobbies such as mountain biking, fishing or hunting.

As a unique highlight, the interior and exterior spaces of the trailer combine with integrated awnings and walls into one large living room, allowing campers to enjoy the surrounding nature in an unobstructed and immersive way. The trailer can be used all year round.

For Free and Independent Camping

The solar panels and the 6 kWh lithium-ion battery of the Karoo Adventure allow, for example, electric bicycles and scooters to be charged during excursions without having to rely on fixed power grids. Therefore, the camping trailer is particularly designed for people who enjoy exploring nature on their own terms. This growing group includes various types of enthusiasts as well as weekend hikers, national park visitors, campground users, and others who value the freedom and opportunity to explore new places and landscapes at their own pace.

Another ever-expanding target group includes those who are interested in outdoor life and own an electric car, for whom there have not yet been sufficiently lightweight and well-equipped options for camping trailers. The air resistance of the Karoo Adventure is only about half that of a traditional trailer, which significantly reduces the consumption of both electric and combustion-engine cars.

Deliveries to pre-order customers will begin in 2026

The Finnish company Karoo Oy – the company behind the camping trailer – has completed a financing round with a significant group of private investors to fund the product development. The team has varied experience and expertise in piloting start-up companies and in leading large international corporations. Red Dot award-winning industrial designers have designed the trailer.

The Karoo Adventure Camper has generated significant interest among dealers and consumers contacted during the project. The product will be showcased for the first time at trade fairs in 2024. The public pre-ordering of the camping trailer will begin on Karoo’swebsite ( on February 23, 2024, with a starting price of 30,000 euros. The pilot series will be delivered in 2025, and actual deliveries to pre-order customers are scheduled to begin in 2026. Pre-order customers of the Karoo Adventure will be offered an additional warranty.

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